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At 7C's we are expert craftsmen who take pride in our work, ensuring each client has the best project solution available. Since 2004, our customer oriented approach has earned us a reputation for great work, fair pricing and customer satisfaction. We believe a job well done, on time and within budget is its own reward. For St. Louis decorative concrete and asphalt stamping services you can rely on, contact 7C's Contracting today.

7C's Specialties

  • Contracting:  Serving residential, commercial and municipal. High traffic intersections to driveways. Providing expert solutions, custom tailored for each asphalt or concrete project. Licensed and insured.
  • Concrete Restoration:   Ugly, old, unsafe concrete? We transform concrete to perform and look better than new. Green alternative vs. old methods of tear out and replace. Certified restoration expert.
  • Coating:  A to Z, warehouse or garage. Concrete stain, epoxy or urethane.  Customized to fit your needs. We protect, beautify and make your concrete floor safe  .
  • Coating only:  Install coating without printing, or re-coat and restore existing stamped asphalt.
  • Crack repair:  We repair cracks prior to restoration, asphalt or concrete.
  • Consultation:  Not sure of the best solution? We help your dreams become reality by providing design assistance, supervision and consultation services.
  • Carpentry:  Remodeling, general repairs or maintenance. Free bidsby the hour or firm quote.

Stamped Asphalt • Locally Proven • Affordable Elegance

St. Louis Decorative ConcreteStamped asphalt is taking the nation by storm with its superior weather durability, affordable installation cost and minimal maintenance advantage. Contact us today to discuss what would best fit your project needs. DOT approved!

  • Seamless installation, no caulk needed. Nothing to catch a snow plow blade.
  • Northern climate proven, salt and chemical resistant. Melts snow faster!
  • Protects your asphalt, UV stable. No more sealing every other year!
  • Cooler to walk on. Great long term investment!Learn More

ThermoPrint • Inlaid Thermoplastic
Zero Maintenance • High Traffic Solution!

St. Louis Decorative ConcreteFinally, a zero maintenance solution for high traffic areas that require high visibility and safety.

  • Fastest turnaround time of any option available.
  • Inlaid flush with the surface. No snow plow damage.
  • High visibility. Reflective glass beads glow at night.
  • Zero maintenance, lasts as long as the asphalt.

Learn More

ThermoPrintHT • Thick • Tough • High Traffic Thermoplastic

St. Louis Decorative ConcreteThermoPrintHT is an innovative stamped process, Fused and stamped to the printed asphalt substrate, employing thick, extremely durable thermoplastic.  The result? It looks just like real brick!

  • Seamless and flat. One product used for substrate.
  • 1/4" thick sheets fused to imprint. Very tough and long lived.
  • No maintenance, snow plow friendly, salt and chemical resistant.
  • Fast installation, open to traffic as soon as it cools.
  • Applied to all new or healthy asphalt surfaces.Learn More

FrictionPrint Urethane Based • Mill & Fill

Only Mill and Fill product that actually performs in our extreme freeze/thaw climate.

St. Louis Decorative Concrete printed molten thermoplasticFunctional appeal of paver products a requirement?  Imprinted and urethane based, this system provides a wide range of options. Freeze/thaw friendly. Other thermoplastic "mill and fill" products are porous and the inevitable happens; heaving, buckling and cracks. FrictionPrint expands and contracts with the substrate.

  • Urethane base means it lasts and outperforms other products.
  • Integral natural color aggregate.
  • UV, oil, gasoline, water and salt resistant.
  • The same templates are used as for other processes. No mismatched borders.
  • Designed for medium to high urban traffic volume, excellent resistance to rutting and cracking.Learn More

Concrete Restoration and Resurfacing
Innovative Solutions for Ugly, Worn and Cracked Concrete

St. Louis Decorative ConcreteUgly cracked concrete? We can transform your drab patio, driveway, or floor into a tougher than new, sealed concrete surface. Conventional wisdom holds that old concrete, with cracks, surface discoloration and imperfections, must be removed and replaced if improving the look of the concrete is the goal. Plus, you'll save money, conserve resources, and eliminate disposal problems..

  • Resurfacing concrete with a polymer-modified cementitious overlay which looks and performs better than brand new concrete.
  • Certified in concrete restoration, crack repair, epoxy and urethane coatings.
  • Expert customized solutions tailored to your budget and needs.
  • We install specialized coatings for home, commercial, and warehouse floors.Learn More

Remodeling General and Maintenance
Residential or Commercial

St. Louis Decorative ConcreteSmall jobs our specialty. Fair pricing, prompt service, on time and within budget.  Supervision, consultation and design guidance. Minor electrical and plumbing.

  • Custom carpentry.
  • Serving St. Louis Metro area and Metro East.
  • Hourly rate or firm bid. Most estimates are free.
  • All work guaranteed, with 38 years' experience.Learn More

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