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St. Louis Decorative ConcreteIf you are looking for a professional Alton decorative concrete contractor or asphalt stamping specialist, you have come to the right place! At 7C's Contracting we are expert decorative concrete contractors and asphalt stamping specialists with over who take pride in our work, ensuring each client has years of experience providing quality solutions to all residential, commercial and municipal concrete and asphalt needs.

What the 7C's Stand For:

  • Contracting:  Serving residential, commercial and municipal. High traffic intersections to driveways. Providing expert solutions, custom tailored for each asphalt or concrete project. Licensed and insured.
  • Concrete Restoration:   Ugly, old, unsafe concrete? We transform concrete to perform and look better than new. Green alternative vs. old methods of tear out and replace. Certified restoration expert.
  • Coating:  A to Z, warehouse or garage. Concrete stain, epoxy or urethane.  Customized to fit your needs. We protect, beautify and make your concrete floor safe  .
  • Coating only:  Install coating without printing, or re-coat and restore existing stamped asphalt.
  • Crack repair:  We repair cracks prior to restoration, asphalt or concrete.
  • Consultation:  Not sure of the best solution? We help your dreams become reality by providing design assistance, supervision and consultation services.
  • Carpentry:  Remodeling, general repairs or maintenance. Free bidsby the hour or firm quote.

For quality results and excellent customer service, contact 7C's Contracting today! We are your top choice for Alton decorative concrete and asphalt stamping services.

7C's Contracting - Alton Decorative Concrete

You may be thinking, why should I choose asphalt stamping and decorative concrete stamping over brick pavers? Pavers attract both mold and weed growth, and will shift and buckle with frost heave and expansive soils. Decorative concrete and stamped asphalt, on the other hand, does not. Stamped asphalt in particular is a long-lasting and durable solutions for all your decorative concrete needs, providing seamless enjoyment and zero maintenance!

Features and Benefits of Alton Stamped Asphalt:

  • Stamped into Asphalt (as opposed to milling out an area to install brick or concrete)
  • One Seamless Substrate or Base (integral, not two moving at different rates)
  • Fast Installation Compared to Other Products
  • Minimal Project Downtime (Over Any Product Available to Date!)
  • Northern Climate Freeze/Thaw Cycle Tested and Proven
  • Invisible Repairs
  • Salt and Chemical Resistant
  • Colors Last. Cooler to Walk On. UV Stable.
  • Simple or Complex Custom Patterns. Logos Made to Order.
  • DOT and Federal Approval in many states
  • Leeds Compliant Colors Available. Green Friendly Products!

Alton Stamped Asphalt

At 7C's Contracting we are expert Alton stamped asphalt specialists who take pride in our work, ensuring each client has the best project solution available. Our customer oriented approach to Alton stamped asphalt has earned us a reputation for great work, fair pricing and customer satisfaction. We believe a job well done, on time and within budget is its own reward.

We have been in the Alton decorative asphalt and concrete restoration business for over 20 years, providing Alton asphalt stamping solutions for residential, commercial and municipalities with top quality results. We feel quality is everything and strive to always provide a first rate, on time and within budget solution for our clients. We do more than just provide hands on project implementation, though. We also offer consulting and public education to a superior alternative to decorative paving and resurfacing products. Our Alton stamped asphalt solutions are innovative and cost-effective solutions that will enhance the appearance and durability of your concrete and asphalt surfaces, guaranteed. 

For Alton asphalt stamping services you can rely on, contact 7C's Contracting today. You don't have to take our word for it, though - see for yourself by browsing through our stamped asphalt project gallery. You may even see that you've walked on some of our work!

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Alton Concrete Restoration

Conventional wisdom holds that old Alton concrete, with cracks, surface discoloration, or surface imperfections, must be removed and replaced if improving the look of the concrete is the goal. Is your Alton concrete floors and concrete driveway in good condition, but just needs a face lift? With concrete restoration services, you can transform that drab patio, driveway, or concrete floor into a tougher than new sealed concrete surface while saving money, conserving resources, and eliminate disposal problems that are associated with concrete re-paving services.

Resurfacing concrete floors with a polymer-modified cementitious overlay looks and performs better than brand new concrete, too. Why replace your ugly Alton concrete floors and concrete driveways when you can give it a face lift and save our landfills (and your money) at the same time? At 7C's Contracting we are licensed and insured Alton concrete restoration specialists. We provide concrete restoration services for both residential and commercial property owners.

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